Festival of Wonder is over for this time.
We look forward to welcoming you to the next festival 7-10. November 2019.

Program for Festival 2019 will be published on 2 September 2019
Ticket sales start on Monday 9 September 2019

  • Forman Brothers Theatre, Czech Republic:
  • Sew Flunk Fury Wit:
  • Theatre Lichtbende, Holland:
  • Comedievognen:
    At home with Alfons Åberg
  • Theatre Duda Paiva, Holland:
  • Theatre Alfa, Czech Republic:
    Cha Cha Cha
  • Theatre Magali Chouinard, Canada:
    Nomad Souls
  • Teatret Svanen:
    David and Goliat
  • Teater My:
    I remember everything
  • Kattas Figurteater:



In May of 2017 Festival of Wonder: Silkeborg’s International Puppet Theater Festival was awarded the EFFE logo as a remarkable festival together with 715 European festivals. EFFE is an organization of the European Union.
In July, the EFFE jury nominated 26 of the 715 festivals to receive the EFFE Award.
Festival of Wonder, is the only Nordic festival, among the 26 nominees.

The nominated festivals are highlighted by Effe’s International Jury for their exceptional quality, work, commitment and influence within their contexts and territories.

The award ceremony takes place at a special event in Brussels on 18 September.
The artistic director of Festival of Wonder Ulla Dengsøe is invited. Invited is also Denmark’s Minister of Culture, Denmark’s EU Representation, and selected Danish journalists.

During the summer, all 26 nominated festivals will be celebrated on the EFFE website.
A very nice promotion of the Festival of Wonder and of Silkeborg as a cultural city.


Steen Vindum
Steen Vindum


The puppets are back!
We have been waiting in anticipation for a long time, but now it is finally time for Festival of Wonder.

Puppetry artists and their characters are taking over the venues of Silkeborg. Along with them come the international audiences, a boon to the businesses, restaurants and hotels of Silkeborg.
Festival of Wonder in Silkeborg showcases top quality puppet theatre. European Festivals Association has also noticed this and has added Festival of Wonder to the list of festivals worth a trip. The honor has also put Silkeborg on the map of world culture destinations.

Here there is puppetry for children and adults. Experimental and traditional. There are exhibits, film, Back Stage Talks and puppet workshops for children and their families. Something for everybody.
While some of get dressed up and go to venues, anticipating new experiences, others are in their work clothes, helping to make the festival run smoothly.  Thank you for the time and effort you have put into making other people happy.
A well-deserved thank you to the festival organizers. The culmination of your intense two year search for fantastic, top-quality puppetry is happening now.  Puppetry artists from Denmark, Europe, Canada and USA are ready to let their puppets dance for us. I am looking forward to it!

Steen Vindum


Ulla Dengsøe
Ulla Dengsøe

It is my great pleasure to welcome you to Silkeborg’s international theatre festival, Festival of Wonder.

This year’s theme is ‘Animation theatre and live music across borders.’

The theme is expressed in the opening performance of the festival, ‘Moondog: The Viking of 5th Avenue’, which has its Scandinavian premiere in Silkeborg.

This theatre/concert is performed using projections, 14 musicians, 11 technicians and 2 puppeteers who also manipulate a giant puppet.

Moondog is presented in cooperation with Schauspielhaus in Bochum, Germany, director Annette Dabs and Festival of Wonder.

The vision of this year’s festival is clear in ‘Moondog’. Our vision is to showcase experimental and innovative theatre, never before shown in Denmark, which adds something new and inspiring to the genre, for the participating theatres as well as for the audience.

We are constantly following the evolution of puppet, object and visual theatre on Danish and international scenes.

Another large presentation is Theatre Forman Brothers from Prague, whose new performance ‘Deadtown’ has its Scandinavian premiere in Silkeborg.
‘Deadtown’ is a western cabaret for the whole family, played in the theatre’s own building by the harbor in Silkeborg.  4 truckloads, 18 actors, musicians, puppeteers, dancers, acrobats and an orchestra bring this exceptionally unique and eagerly awaited performance to Silkeborg.

The age of our target audience is from 2 years old to adult. International performances aimed at adults have become the big hits of the festival through the years.

In 2017 there are participating theatres from France (4 different performances), Canada, Holland (2), Czech Republic (3), Israel, Germany, Norway and 19 theatres from Denmark. There are also workshops, film from USA, Germany and India, exhibitions, Backstage Talks and concerts. All in all 100 events for children and adults.

A huge thank you to all who have made this festival possible; our sponsors, participating theatres, volunteer helpers and many national, international and local cooperating partners.
Also thank you to the EU organization EFFE, which has named Festival of Wonder as one of Europe’s unique and noteworthy festivals.

A very warm welcome!
We look forward to meeting our great audience.

Ulla Dengsøe
Artistic director


Gitte Willumsen
Gitte Willumsen


Once again the time has come for puppet theatre and the many experiences awaiting us.  The first one is the opening performance ‘Moondog’, presented by Schauspielhaus Bochum from Germany.  It is a combination of concert and puppetry performance, in which 14 musicians, 11 technicians and a giant dog take part.  Another grand performance is from Theatre Forman Brothers from Prague, who have performed fantastic shows at many of our previous Festivals of Wonder. They have created a new performance, a western played in their own theatre building, built at the harbor by the rowing club.

Besides the more spectacular shows, we always have experiences for children. My family and I have had many wonderful times at the puppetry festival. Each year we have been able to find shows which were appropriate for the ages of my children.  We still remember ‘The blue eyed cat’ and ‘The Three Musketeers’ as special. Those shared experiences are important in a happy childhood.

This is a year in which Silkeborg Kommune has had many delightful cultural events, a year now topped with puppetry that challenges, entertains, touches and moves us. i am looking forward to unforgettable experiences!

Gitte Willumsen
Chairman for Culture, Extracurricular Activities and Sports Committee



Festival of Wonder 2017