Forman Brothers Theatre, Prague: DEADTOWN, Theatre Forman Brothers Wild West Show

Premiere in Skandinavia .

In the beginning of the 20th century an actor, illusionist and owner of a cheap cabaret makes his dreams come true in magical Prague.

He is obsessed with the technical miracles happening around him; film, photography and the scratchy sound of the phonograph. His favorite fantasy is to drive across the landscape of Arizona, drinking whiskey with weather-beaten gunfighters in a saloon, holding gorgeous women in his arms.

At least that is the picture he gets from the silent movie, ”The Wild West”, and from yellowing photographs which tell stories from a far-away land.

Because he lives his life on the line between illusion and reality, it is not difficult for his to take a trip into a dream world.

Enter into this illusion, when Forman Brothers Theatre from Prague spotlights live music, puppets, singers, dancers, illusionists and acrobats.  Experience  the exhilaration of this unique form of total theatre.

After Theatre Forman Brothers Wild West Show ”DEADTOWN” you will be able to buy a drink or a glass of wine in the saloon’s bar.

The performance will be held in the theater´s own building at the harbour in Silkeborg. The building is heated.


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Story synopsis and script: Ivan Arsenjev, Petr Forman
Director: Petr Forman
Scenography: Josef Sodomka, Matěj Forman
Tent interior design: Matěj Forman
Choreography: Veronika Švábová, Marek Zelinka and collective
Music and songs: Marko Ivanovič, Jarda Traband Svoboda; La Lettera di Lincoln – Ennio Morricone – arrangement: Jan Hasenöhrl, in cooperation with Czech National Symphony Orchestra
Costumes: Andrea Sodomková
Animation, film image: Josef Lepša
Camera: Jaromír Kačer
Sound effects and foley sounds: Michal Holubec, Marek Poledna (Studio Bystrouška)
Visual postproduction: i/o post
Projection technology: Jan Hrdlička, Jiří Wild (3dsense)
Light design: Louise Gibaud, Petr Forman
Light concept: Igor Schmidt, Petr ‘Goro’ Horký, Petr Forman
Sound concept: Philippe Leforestier, Philippe Tivilier

Comedians, illusionists, gunfighters and beautiful ladies: Petr Forman, Veronika Švábová, Marek Zelinka, Jacques Laganache, Daniela Voráčková / Simona Babčáková, Josefína Voverková, Vojta Švejda / Jiří Kniha, Michael Vodenka / Miroslav Kochánek, Ivan ”Zobák” Pelikán, Petr “Goro” Horký, Josef Sodomka / Ivan Arsenjev, Philippe Leforestier, Mitakuye Oyeasin, Jakub Tokoly, Dizzy Gilagio, Didier Castelle, Francois Lezer, Michel Oger, Thierry Malard

Havnen, Silkeborg (The harbour, Silkeborg) (14)
Friday10/11 at 12:00 (Only for schools)
Friday10.11 at 20:00
Saturday11.11 at 14:30
Saturday11.11 at 20:00
Sunday12.11 at 13:00


Age: From 12 years
Language: No speech
Price: 275 kr.
Duration: 1 hour 45 minuts

Buy tickets online (possible from Monday 4th September):Buy tickets here


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