Moon dog

Schauspielhaus, Bochum og Fidena Festival, Germany: Moondog – The Viking of 5th. Avenue

Premiere in Skandinavia

Moondog is a concert / theatre performance, using music composed by Louis Thomas Hardin (1916-1999), better known as Moondog, during his career.

Louis Thomas Hardin was born in USA. He became blind at age 16 because of an accident, but was still able to have a career as a composer, performing musician and inventor of several special percussion instruments.

He could be found every day on New York’s 5th Avenue, with his dog, often in a Viking costume. He was interested in Nordic mythology as well as classical music and jazz.

Later he worked in close cooperation with various artists, for example David Bowie, Philip Glass, Charlie Parker, etc.

He moved to Germany where his works were performed at both classical and jazz venues.

At the Bochumer Schauspielhaus premiere, Moondog received a standing ovation for several minutes.

Enjoy this very special performance, which integrates music with quite unique puppets.

Idea and direction: Annette Dabs
Scenography: Stefanie Oberhoff
Singers: Kristin Scheinhütte, Jasper Schmitz, Michael Zier
Trimba and musical processing: Stefan Lakatos
String quintet „Bracelli“: Wolfgang Sellner, Marko Genero, Aliaksandr Senazhenski, Philipp Willerding-Bach, Suye Shao
Saxophone quintet: Martin Hilner, Sebastian Pottmeier, Greta Schaller, Kristof Dömötör, Roland Lichters

Jysk Musikteater, store sal (5)
Thursday 9. November kl. 19:00


Age: From 12 years
Language: Without words
Price: 100 kr.
Duration: : Opening ceremony:  about 35 min. Performance: 70 min. In all about 1 hour 45 min.

Buy tickets (possible from Monday 4th September): Buy tickets here


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