Teatret Svanen: David and Goliath

David and Goliath is a tale of a young shepherd boy who conquers a giant by using a slingshot. This is a central story in Christianity, Islam and Judaism.

David is a good shepherd, but his father and brothers look down on him, because he would rather play on his harp and sing than practice fighting with a sword and spear.  He does not like to fight for the sake of fighting because his strength lies elsewhere.

A musical, humorous and action-filled hand puppet performance for everybody over 4 years old.

The show was created with the award winning author, Josefine Ottesen as dramaturg and director.

Performers: Patricie Homolová, Kim Westi
Composer: Nikolaj Westi
Dramatist, writer: Josefine Ottesen
Director: Josefine Ottesen
Scenography: Patricie Homolová
Puppets: Patricie Homolová
Sound design: Nikolaj Westi
Light design: Jonas Krogager

Silkeborg Handelsskole (4)
Saturday 11/11 at 15:30


Age: From 4 years
Language: Danish
Price: 40 kr.
Duration: 40 minuts

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Festival of Wonder 2017