Sew Flunk Fury Wit, Denmark: Dust

What do we do when the world we know today changes so dramatically?
On the other side of a total catastrophe, ‘DUST/STØV’ moves in dystopian scene of beauty and hope.
Fascinating human sized puppets, a luminous opera soprano and a shadowy figure examine human desire and destiny in a post-apocalypse world.
Thought provoking and poetic music drama, combines puppetry, opera and theatre. This performance was nominated for a Reumert award 2016.

The sequence in which a white female face appears from the piles of ash is awe-inspiring; also the psalm, in which a pained man with crooked hands dances between two performers while the puppet’s burning eyes meet ours.
It is frightening and mesmerizing at the same time…
Henrik Lyding: Teateravisen


Jysk Musikteater, store scene
Sunday, november 12 at 15:00

Age: From 12 years
Language: English
Price: 75 kr.
Duration: 70 minutes

Buy tickets online (possible from Monday 4th September): Buy tickets here

Cast: Svend E. Kristensen, Nina Sveistrup Clausen
Composer: Peter Kohlmetz Møller
Playwright, author: Svend E Kristensen, Jesper Pedersen, Neill Furio
Instructor: Jesper Pedersen
Text: Neill Cardinal Furio
Costume designer: Lise Klitten
Idea: Svend E. Kristensen
Lighting: Mikkel Jensen
Costume designer: Line Bech
Scenographer: Kristian Knudsen
Puppet maker: Svend E. Kristensen


Festival of Wonder 2017