Duda Paiva Company, Holland/Brasil: Bastard

”Bastard” is inspired by the novel ”L’Arrache-coeur”.

In a bizarre and dark future time, a group of loud and eccentric characters come to the aid of a lost artist.

The show is a humorous and entertaining look into human cruelty, fear and dreams, created through tempting and provoking images.

“Bastard” is Duda Paiva’s master solo performance, in which only he and an abundance of wonderful characters are on stage.

The figures are brought to life by Duda Paiva in every way possible, and impossible. The show is a study in what can be achieved when puppetry and dance are joined together.

Sometimes Duda Paiva manipulates 2 puppets at once and metamorphoses happen again and again.

It is dance and drama at their best, inspired by the French author Boris Vian’s humoristic look at human cruelty.

Watch a clip from the performance.

Jysk Musikteater, store sal
Saturday 11/11 at 20:00


Age: Adults
Language: English/no words
Pris: 100 kr.
Duration: 60 minutes

Buy tickets online (possible from Monday 4th September): Buy tickets here

Koncept, koerography and dance: Duda Paiva
Consultation: Neville Tranter
Scenography: Paul Selwyn Norton
Dramaturgy: Jaka Ivanc
Sound design: Erikk McKenzie
Video: Hans C. Boer, Jaka Ivanc
Lighting: Mark Verhoef
Objects: Duda Paiva og Jim Barnard
Costumes: Javier Murugarren


Festival of Wonder 2017