Teatret De Røde heste: In the beginning was the beginning

First was the word……”Wow”
A starry sky and a planet.
Light and dark. Earth and water. A cardboard box.
And something which grows. And someone who growls. And somebody who argues. And somebody who carefully holds it all in one hand…
A space journey to a place not so far away.

A bouquet of imagination – A feeling of pure magic pops up time and again during ‘In the beginning was the beginning’ – and more than that, it is magic in a class of its own – MAGIC, which makes this show so spell-binding.
‘In the beginning was the beginning’ is a performance about surprising oneself, about trying, experimenting, repeating, being happy about reunions and also about the desire for changes.
Kirsten Dahl in Teateravisen

Actor: Claus Mandøe
Dramatist: Kai Büchner og Claus Mandøe
Director: Kai Büchner
Scenography: Rolf Søborg Hansen


Medborgerhuset, sal C (1)
Saturday 11/11 at 16:00


Age: 4-8 years
Language: Without words
Price: 40 kr.
Duration: 40 minutter

Køb billetter online (muligt fra mandag 4/9 kl. 10):  Buy tickets here

Festival of Wonder 2017