Sofie Krog Teater, Denmark: Diva

Behind heavy curtains on a squeaky cabaret stage a gorgeous Diva sings.
The servant who loves her lives in the loft.
In the depth of the cellar, a machine and Eddie the handyman are working on the Professor’s secret project…..
One fateful evening the theatre opens in a new dimension and craziness takes over. Everything moves in this rotating inferno of puppet theatre. Small lighting systems, music, sound effects, cartoon comedy and clever manipulation create a unique, magical universe.

”If you can imagine Salvador Dali, Frankenstein and Punch, spiced with a melancholic longing for life and a few stanzas of opera, you are on the way to imagining ‘Diva’, Sofie Krog Teater’s magical, almost surreal theatre for children 13-14 years and older. It is not an everyday occurrence to see 8th and 9th grade boys laughing and clapping spontaneously at puppet theatre.

Medborgerhuset, sal D (1)
Saturday 11/11 at 17:00
Sunday 12/11 at 13:00


Age: 13+
Language: none
Price: 40 kr.
Duration: 45 minutter

Buy tickets online (possible from Monday 4th September):Buy tickets here

Performers: Sofie Krog
Composer: Sofie Krog
Playwright, Author: Sofie Krog
Puppet maker: Sofie Krog
Scenography: Sofie Krog
Sound designer: Sofie Krog

Festival of Wonder 2017