Theatre Lichtbende, Holland: Tutu

TUTU is a family show, appealing to both children and adults.
Aided by magic lanterns, dance and live music, we are transported 100 years back in time.

TUTU is primarily a festival for the eyes and ears. Wearing red shoes a young girl dances various styles; from tango to tap, from vaudeville to ballroom, from classical to Bauhaus ballet.
The audience follows her joys and sorrows during a period of great changes. The dances of this time, the search for individual freedom, and various cultures are mirrored in her life.

By projecting magic lanterns on a large screen, the audience is brought into a wonderful, rhythmic tale about dance. The projections are created through manual and mechanical manipulation of ordinary objects.
The actors and musicians stand in front of the screen with their projectors, magic lanterns and instruments, their actions visible for the audience to follow.


Den Kreative Skole: Multisalen (2)
Sunday 12/11 at 12:00
Sunday 12/11 at 15:00

Age: 6+
Language: None
Price: 40 kr.
Duration: 50 minutes

Buy tickets online (possible from Monday 4th September): Buy tickets here

Production, images, technics og play: Marie Raemakers og Rob Logister
Music: Axel Schappert og Helene Jank
Dramaturg: Jeannette van Steen
Projections og animations: Rop Severien

Festival of Wonder 2017