Syddjurs Egnsteater: The Giant who had no Heart

A giant has hidden his heart in a secret place and has placed a curse on the country. Animals starve and people turn to stone.

Prince Askefis sets out to fight the giant, forming new friendships on his way, which help him on his dangerous mission.

They find the giant and Askefis falls in love with the princess held captive by the giant. Together they try to lift the curse, a task only possible if they can find the giant’s heart.

A beautiful and magical family performance.

This puppet tale about having the heart in the right place is Syddjurs Egnsteater’s fourth puppetry performance based on Asbjørnsen and Moe. Once again it is the team behind the acclaimed ‘In the Blue Mountain/I Det Blå Bjerg’ which has created this mesmerizing, lovely adaptation.

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Actors and puppeteers: Margit Watt-Boolsen and Kenneth Andersson
Director: Folmer Gry Kristensen
Scenography and puppets: Niels Secher
Scenography assistent: Heidi Peulicke
Music: Tine Vitkov og Troels Drasbeck
Light design: Maria Pi Houmann

Medborgerhuset (1), sal A
Friday 10/11 at 17:00
Saturday 11/11 at 11:00


Age: 4-9 years
Language: Danish
Price: 40 kr.
Duration: 45 minutes

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Festival of Wonder 2017